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We provide you with at least 3 different mortgage products to choose from. You choose between the best rate, options and mortgage flexibility that best suit your needs.

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This is a $300 benefit to you. Independent valuations of your property may be required and make sure that your mortgage experience is seamless. Some conditions apply.

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You matter! We offer as many in-person meetings as required so that your needs and situation are heard. Mortgage solutions are not "one-size-fits-all." We get your sizing right!


It's is important to us that you not only get your mortgage as painlessly as possible, we only succeed when you can explain the process to your friends and family.

& Flexible

Our mortgage solutions make sure you're fully protected with low penalties, pre-payment options, and you will also get the best "Payment Shock" solution around.

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Surrey BC Mortgage Brokers. We Are Here to Help You!

The team at Pinsky Mortgages is here to help you. As mortgage broker experts, we provide you with fast, efficient and effective solutions for your home financing needs.

Whether you are in Surrey BC or in any of the Vancouver metro areas, we provide you with in-person advice. We do this because Pinsky Mortgages Vancouver is a full-service mortgage broker and brokerage, specializing in getting you the best rate and most suitable financing for your needs, while making sure you understand the process as well as your actual mortgage.

We can also provide advice on the phone, via Skype, Google Hangouts and more in order to give great service to all of our clients all over Surrey, British Columbia, and even all of Canada.

And we don’t even have to meet with our clients in person. But our in-person meetings are our premier service that many of our borrowers have come to appreciate. We’ve even had at least three families come all the way from Abbotsford and one from as far as Hope just for a meeting! But how you would like to handle your particular case is entirely up to you! Come by our field office for a face-to-face visit, or just give us a call. Someone from the broker team here in Surrey at Pinsky Mortgages is always here for you!

Our personalized process begins with an introduction and our initial consultation. Then we go with you all the way to conveyancing and the closing of your mortgage. But we don’t even stop there! We are also pleased to help you with annual reviews–and all of this for free.

Most importantly, we do two things that no other Surrey broker does: we show you how to look at your options and compare them with our 3 unique mortgage bids. Secondly, we go over how to take advantage of your mortgage’s features so that you can pay less interest and become mortgage free sooner.

Renewing, Refinancing or Need Some Extra Advice?

Did you know that at renewal time, lenders never send their borrowers the lowest rate renewal form for to sign? What’s even worse, statistics are showing that most borrowers are signing these uncompetitive mortgage renewal forms without getting advice from anyone or a second opinion. Borrowers are leaving money on the table… If you get a mortgage renewal form, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts at Pinsky Mortgages to get the best broker advice around . Not only will we make sure you get the best rate, we’ll also make sure your new loan offers flexibility that is aligned with your future goals; your needs may have changed since your chose your last mortgage, and we’ll help you find the right fit.

On the other hand, refinancing is actually a much more complex process and it takes an integrative approach to finding the right refinancing solution. There are many reasons you may be interested in refinancing:

  • to borrow more and buy an investment
  • finance renovations
  • consolidate debt
  • buy a car
  • get a home equity line of credit (HELOC).

…And, since there are myriads of products from which to choose, going with a broker over a bank is always a smart choice because a bank usually only has four or five products available!

And we don’t just stop there…some of the other personalized services we offer include:

  • Pre-approval (this is a must when looking to purchase your home)
  • Purchases with additional financing for renovations
  • and our Adopt-My-Mortgage.

The latter is a service we provide when we did not help arrange your financing but you still want our expert advice to assist in understanding your mortgage. We will help you take advantage of your mortgage features, helping you pay less interest while keeping an eye on better opportunities as they become available, and protect you against changes in your interest rate.

Our expert advice and service is free – please don’t keep us a secret!

We Guide You Through Every Step Of The Mortage Process. Call Today To Find Out How We Can Help!

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