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Firm Approval (& Acceptance)

Once we have received an approval for your property, the lender may ask for some additional documentation to satisfy their program. However, since we make sure to cover all of the relevant details required for our mortgage approval ahead of time, any additional requests, or conditions as the mortgage lingo goes, are generally quite easy to satisfy.

A Firm Approval is provided when all of our conditions to the approval of the mortgage are met. In most cases do not remove subjects prior to getting a firm approval.


Upon approval of your mortgage, the lender provides us with your mortgage documents and disclosure statements. Generally, there are four documents we are required to sign:

1. Mortgage Commitment – Outlines the mortgage that your lender provides
2. Credit Disclosure – Spells out the interest costs and any fees with your mortgage
3. Interest Disclosure – Outlines the parties involved in the transaction
4. Personal Mortgage Insurance – Discussed and accepted or rejected by law

While signing these documents, I will go over ways for you to pay off your mortgage faster and together we will create your Personalized Mortgage Strategy.

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