Eitan and Paisley were instrumental in helping me achieve my ultimate mortgage objectives! Specifically, after reviewing my status and goals they were able to ensure me that I could confidently make an offer on a second property so that I was able to now have a principal residence as well as an income generating property here in the Vancouver region. I was thrilled that they were so positive, resourceful and ultimately successful in achieving my mortgage needs, which in turn realized my goals in building a real-estate portfolio. I couldn’t have wished for a better result. I can say this with confidence because initially I sought advisement about my objectives from my current mortgage lending institution. Suffice it to say it was not a positive experience. This is when I was referred to Eitan and Paisley. Deciding to work with them was the best decision I could have made. Their professionalism and resourcefulness exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend anyone seeking to renew, re-finance or a secure a new mortgage to consult with this highly knowledgeable and easy to communicate with team. I am certain you will be more than pleased! BTW: Eitan provided me with the most helpful Mortgage Strategy and Amortization Analysis that he has created that assists the client in understanding how certain decisions a mortgage holder makes during the course of their mortgage can make such a big positive impact on where their money is going! It’s the coolest projection a mortgage broker has ever given me!

Thank you again, Eitan and Paisley.

   E. Eros   Client - May 2016 via Google+

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