2022 Interest Rates Update

Eitan sits down with Cheryl from Cheryl Davie Real Estate to discuss where interest rates have been, where they’re going, and what you need to know. In particular, Eitan answers if the anticipated increase in interest rates will change activity in the market and the importance of offer price compared to interest rates.

Pressed for time? Skip ahead:

  • 00:00-01:02- Introduction
  • 01:03-02:25- Stress Tests
  • 02:26- 03:50- Will increased rates change activity in the market?
  • 03:51- 05:32- What is the importance of interest rates vs. offer price on home
  • 05:33-06:51- Importance of mortgage terms
  • 06:52-10:55- Where are interest rates going and where have they been historically?