Mortgage Renewals or Refinancing in Vancouver, BC

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Congratulations on your maturing mortgage… Now let me help you get a better rate!

Don’t leave money on the table!

Accepting your lender’s renewal notice may be leaving money on the table!

If your mortgage renewal is fast, now may be a great time to look at the other mortgage options and competitive rates that are available.

Lenders send out renewal forms 4 – 6 months prior to a client’s renewal with about 70% of homeowners sending it back without asking any questions. In today’s busy world, signing the renewal can be the easiest and best route.

As with every mortgage we provide, you’ll get at least 3 new mortgage bids from various lenders to compete on mortgage rate, options and mortgage flexibility.

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Should I Break My Mortgage?

Ask the expert before you go breaking your mortgage…

It may not always be in your interest to break your mortgage. Many mortgages have a small (or large) penalty to fully payoff the mortgage before the end of your term. This penalty may or may not outweigh the interest benefit from getting a new mortgage.

Correctly calculating the total costs and comparing between breaking your mortgage and refinancing a new mortgage or keeping your mortgage as is, can be complicated. But don’t worry, we have the technical expertise to help you make the right assessment and educate you as to why one may be better than the other.

Mortgage Refinancing

Refinancing your home could save you thousands of dollars!

While there may be a fee for refinancing your mortgage early (see “Should I Break My Mortgage” page), the savings you may make from taking on a new mortgage with lower interest rates may be worth it. Alternatively, you may need to structure your mortgage differently by adding a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or increasing the size of your mortgage.

That’s why it’s important to reassess your mortgage at least once a year.

Renew / Refinance Resources

Check out our deep dives in mortgage education and learn how to manage your home.