4 Not To Be Missed VanCity Events

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There are some interesting & unusual events that are coming to Vancouver this summer… we wanted to round out what we think would be the most fun, have-to-attend events that will be here in Vancouver…

Let’s Be Kids Again

Slide the City (North Vancouver) – 1000-foot long slip’n’slide! A highly anticipated event…we thought we were going to get to do this in 2014, but they made us wait another year. Don’t wait to get your tickets to what is sure to be the most fun you’ve had since you were 10 years old in your backyard with your mom’s dishsoap! August 22nd.

eitan pinsky mortgage expert

Slide the City

Food, Beer & Entertainment Galore

Plaza of Nations Night Market – a new venue so you no longer have to head to Richmond to get your night market fix! Starting Saturday, June 20th you can head down to the waterfront area of Yaletown to enjoy a plethora of great eats & drinks that this city has to offer. Saturdays from 5-10PM (all summer).

Night Market

A Place To Stroll

Robson Redux – an easy one to check out (and it’s free!) if you’re downtown strolling about – and it’s all about the pedestrian. The 800 Block of Robson St. gets closed to vehicle traffic all summer, allowing for those on foot to enjoy the beautified space between the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Court House – this year’s design winner is pretty darn quirky! We can’t wait to check this out. July 1st – all summer.

eitan pinsky mortgage expert

Robson St. Stroll

Dogs, Dogs Everywhere!

Pet-A-Poolza 2015 – another event that isn’t brand new (though again, it’s only in its 2nd year), this summer destination is one of Eitan’s favorites! If you know him at all, you know he’s a HUGE animal fan.  You are guaranteed to see him down at the Running of the bulls (dogs, that is) during this one-day event. This event is also a fundraiser for Just Love Animals Society, so know that you’re doing some good for our furry pals, as well. August 23rd from 11-4PM.

Must Love Dogs

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