The Best Mortgage Options Are From Brokers

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At Pinsky Mortgages, we have access to, and are experts in, hundreds of different mortgage products.

We can guide our clients with the right mix of interest rate, options and mortgage flexibility that suits their needs. We even give our customers the choice between different mortgage products and lenders. Ultimately, it’s about choice and education.

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The Goods!

So, a Mortgage Broker and Car Salesman walk into a bar!…

OK, the following isn’t much of a joke but a good anecdote:
Imagine that you go to Ford to get a car. You’re in the market for something for your growing family. After about an hour of comparing models, you settle on a ford Explorer. You need more room than the Ford Escape and the explorer seems to do the trick

But wait! What about all of the other car makers? Did you know that the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV-4 are slightly bigger than the Escape? Did you know that the Rav4 comes in a hybrid model? How about the Subaru Outback? And, what if Subaru is offering a massive cash back on their Outbacks from 2016, a model not dissimilar to their 2017?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know this? Wouldn’t it have been nice to compare all car models from all manufacturers instead of from just one manufacturer?

When I worked at at a big bank, I had access to around 4 products: fixed, variable, and open mortgages as well as home equity lines of credit. Each product has it’s own options and flexibility and I had to work with what was available to me, even though it may not have been exactly what my client needed. This is what banks do… they give you their mortgage options.. but only their own options – because that’s what they have access to.

In comes the mortgage broker! We brokers have access to, and are experts in, hundreds of different mortgage products. What’s amazing is that we can guide our clients with the right mix of interest rate, options and mortgage flexibility that suits their needs.

At Pinsky Mortgages, we even give people the choice between different mortgage products and different lenders.Ultimately, we’re all about choice and education.

So let’s go back to the car story… Yes, if you purchase that Ford Explorer, you may be happy. It’s possible. But was it the right choice knowing that you could have purchased something very similar, something that would have suited your needs better, and for a lower price? If you had more information and access to all of the other car manufacturers, would you still have chosen it? I suspect not…

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