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A Community Unlike Any Other!

We all know that the Olympic Village was built for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games but did you know that the Village is also one of the greenest communities in the world and is a leader in sustainable development? Almost every development has some sort of green technology – whether it is a green roof, urban agriculture, or a community energy system – aligning with Vancouver’s vision of becoming the greenest city in the world!

green living vancouver

Speaking of Green Energy, have you ever seen the pipes rising next to the Cambie Street Bridge? Those are part of the Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU) which uses waste thermal energy captured from sewage to provide space heating and hot water to new buildings in Southeast False Creek (SEFC). Check it out!

The City of Vancouver is aiming to have 16,000 people living in the neighborhood by 2020, and to have about 5,000 residential units! By comparison, the new Oakridge Mall redevelopment will have a total of just over 2,900 units.

The Creek

Concert Properties is all set to build The Creek on a 6.4 acre property in Southeast False Creek. Their substantial plan includes new residential buildings. The project will include 519,595 sq. ft. of market housing and 104,927 sq. ft. of affordable rental housing. Also included will be a 2.7 acre waterfront park space, greenway/bikeway paths, a children’s play area, a continuation of the seawall and an internal street network.

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This could be a wonderful addition to the already thriving neighborhood…

The Salt Building, which has become the home of Craft Beer Market is a Vancouver landmark from 1930 and now home to 140 different types of beer on tap. That’s over 4 months of trying a new beer every day! And yes, those are giant pigeons… maybe.

Craft Beer Market Bird

The Island in the Creek

Have you noticed the island jutting out into False Creek from the Athletes’ Village? Well, it wasn’t there ten years ago; it’s man made.To build the island, shoreline, and inlet, City staff used 60,000 cubic metres of rock, cobble, gravel, sand, and boulders from the Olympic Village construction.

The ebb and flow of the tide on the rocky shoreline creates a natural home for starfish, crabs, fish, shellfish, and other creatures.

map of Olympic Village

Dogs and cyclists are not allowed on the island in order to preserve the natural state. So, tie up your dog, lock up your bike, and explore this amazing piece of landscape engineering!

I myself am very much looking forward to seeing how this area progresses – and I am sure I will be working with more than a few clients who will be itching to move into this beautiful dynamic developing part of our city. If you are need of a local Vancouver mortgage broker who knows the city inside and out, get in touch with us today.

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