Soup Sisters & Broth Brothers

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On Sunday Eitan and Adam volunteered at Soup Sisters. They were supporting Atira Womens’ Shelters Vancouver East Side: Sorella House and Aneki.

They chopped, cut and grated their way towards the six fantastic soups that were delivered right after the event was over.

There is an urgent need for low barrier supportive housing for young women in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Girls and young women who are homeless or in unsafe housing face enormous challenges and risks, including violence/abuse, gender exploitation, substance use practices, racism, poverty, pregnancy, poor physical health and barriers to accessing support and service

Soup Sisters is a non-profit charitable social enterprise dedicated to providing comfort to women, children and youth through the making, sharing and donating of soup.

Every time a group comes together and makes soup the women and children at the shelter not only become better nourished but also nurtured by members of their own community. This goes a long way in supporting them on so many levels. This very simple gesture of homemade and nourishing soup also carries with it a very strong message of concern that reaches the women and young people directly.

Since their launch in Calgary in March 2009, they have delivered over 2 million servings of soup and grown to chapters in 35 cities throughout Canada and into the USA as well. Each month over 10,000 bowls of fresh soup is delivered nationwide. 

The events are social evenings with lively conversation, chopping, laughter and warm kitchen camaraderie that culminate in a simple, sit-down supper of soup, salad, bread and wine for all participants. 

It was a very rewarding experience for both Eitan and Adam and they would encourage people to get involved!

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