Vancouver (And Coquitlam’s) Evergreen Line

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After several years of work, the much-anticipated Evergreen Line opened in December of last year. With it, B.C. now boasts the longest fully-automated rapid transit line in the world!

Evergreen Line

Advantages of the Evergreen Line

Fast, frequent, and convenient transit from Coquitlam to Vancouver via Port Moody and Burnaby

  • Increases transportation choice and reduces auto use
  • Reduces travel time to and from work
  • 8,000 new jobs created

About the Evergreen Line

Coquitlam Central Station

The 11km long SkyTrain rapid transit extends the SkyTrain network from Lougheed Town (Burnaby) Centre to Lafarge Lake-Douglas (Coquitlam).

  • Travels a maximum operating speed of 80km/h
  • 15 minute ride from Lougheed Town Centre to Coquitlam
  • Fun Fact: At 79.6km, Vancouver’s SkyTrain system will become the longest fully grade-separated metro in Canada, surpassing the Toronto Subway system by several kilometres!
  • The three-zone fare will cost $5.50
  • By 2021, TransLink estimates that 70,000 people will use the Evergreen Line each day

Six New Stations

  1. Burquitlam Station: east side of Clarke Road near Burquitlam Plaza
  2. Moody Centre Station: Port Moody transit exchange site
  3. Inlet Centre Station: North of Barnet Highway
  4. Coquitlam Central Station: Coquitlam transit exchange site
  5. Lincoln Station: Northeast corner of Coquitlam Centre
  6. Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station: East side of Pinetree Way

Evergreen Route Description

Lougheed/Burquitlam: The Evergreen Line will run north from Lougheed Town Centre Station. Burquitlam Station will be on the east side of Clarke Road near Burquitlam Plaza. Leaving Burquitlam Station, the line will cross to the west side of Clarke Road, before entering a tunnel towards Port Moody

Port Moody: The Evergreen Line will emerge from the tunnel just east of Barnet Highway. It will travel at ground level along the south side of the CPR tracks to Moody Centre Station. Continuing east, the line will cross the CPR tracks just before Inlet Centre Station, located north of Barnet Highway.

Coquitlam: The line will continue along the north side of the CPR tracks towards Coquitlam Central Station. Turning north, the line will run on an elevated guideway along the west side of Pinetree Way to Lincoln Station. It will then cross to the east side near Northern Avenue, before ending at Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station, north of Guildford Way.



Total Costs: $1.4 billion

  1. Province of British Columbia is contributing $583 million
  2. Government of Canada is contributing up to $417 million
  3. TransLink is contributing $400 million

Community Growth

Providing Jobs, Investing in Transit

The City of Coquitlam is emerging as one of Metro Vancouver’s hottest attractions for developers. City officials and developers indicate that when a rapid transit station is built nearby:

  • Condo towers and apartments generally see a 5% increase in price
  • Vacant lots that are zoned see a 25% increase in price
  • Single-family detached homes can see values DOUBLE!

Do you want to learn more about what’s happening in the real estate world around your neighbourhood? In this article, we talk about Coquitlam, Port Moody and others, but in many other articles, we look at other Vancouver and British Columbia interests. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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