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Application for (Pre-)Approval

Pre-Approval Application

Submit Necessary Documents

  • Income documentation
  • Down payment information
  • Credit check and debt balances
  • Additional information (file specific)

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Once you have provided your income, your down payment, and your debts documented by way of a credit bureau, lenders will now provide you with a promise to provide a loan, or a pre-approval.

Personal and down payment information is necessary for us to submit a pre-approval and property information is necessary for a pre-approval.

Property Application

Submit Property Documentation

  • Purchase Contract
  • Property condition disclosure statement (PCDS)
  • Realtor (full) MLS
  • Form B and supporting documentation (for condos)

3 Mortgage Bids

We put you in the driver’s seat with mortgage choice and control. Mortgages are not created equal. For example, some have super low mortgage interest rates but skimp on important mortgage options and flexibility. This is why we provide you with at least 3 Unique Mortgage Bids when your property application comes in.

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