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Initial Consultation

This is our first meeting! It can be done in person or over the phone but many of our clients have preferred to come in to meet us face-to-face. More questions are asked and more are answered in an in-person environment and you may feel more comfortable with the process after this in-person meeting.

We will discuss your mortgage needs and educate you about your affordability.

This first meeting will take about one hour to one and a half hours, depending on the complexity of your mortgage requirements and needs.

This first meeting typically covers:

  • Getting to know you
  • Understanding your home financing goals
  • Learning About Lenders and What They Look For
  • All About Mortgage Pre-Approvals
  • Initial Mortgage Application
  • Your Credit Score and Credit Advice
  • Mortgage Affordability

The initial mortgage application allows us to gather the necessary information in order to estimate your affordability. Affordability is based off of your income, down payment and debts.

After our first meeting, you will receive an in-depth follow-up email based on our discussion and, depending on your mortgage needs, a checklist of documents we will require for a pre-approval or an approval.

Need to calculate how much mortgage you need? Use our  Vancouver BC mortgage calculation tool or visit Pinsky Mortgages to book a consultation.

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